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Recently,has changed into a hot word in the luxury industry. Many watch brands have launched NFT works or entered the meta universe with it. Virtual space may be far from most of us, but we have to admit that the connection between the tabulation industry and intelligent technology is getting closer and closer. In the current article, we will introduce three smart watches currently on sale at a associated with about 10000 to 20000 yuan. To tell the truth, at first glance, I didn't think it was a smart watch. The brand makes the watch look like a chronograph. The 45mm fine steel case with blue ceramic bezel is a very popular elegant sports style at present. Tap the switch to discover its intelligent properties. The wrist watch can record your movement or conversation data, and has GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope and heartrate sensor. You can quickly switch by clicking the dial. In addition , the overhead and buttons can also replace the touch screen. The fine metal chain of the watch is integrated with the case. At the same time, the chain is equipped with a one button replacement device, which is convenient for us to change the look at any time This Montblanc peak 2+ smart watch is actually inspired by the famous adventure novel around the world in 80 days, and its shape is also inspired through the design of the actual chronograph. The has a 43. 5mm fine steel case and a black minute scale. The design on the dial and the wave decoration on the strap all come from the main experiences of the characters in the novel during their travels. One of the features of this intelligent watch is that it supports independent calls, and it can always be connected even if the mobile phone is not around. In addition , the watch also has heartbeat, GPS, mike, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope as well as ambient light sensor. The actual waterproof performance of the view is life waterproof within 30 feets, which needs more attention when wearing it at ordinary times. Louis Vuitton tambour horizon smart enjoy has always adhered to the particular brand's "travel" spirit and they are used smoothly in all countries and regions around the world. The above is the third generation wise released by tambour horizon in 2022. The particular 44mm convex case provides you with an calotte face call. The edge from the dial is designed with radians, and 24 Monogram flower pattern LED lights are decorated within the bezel. Typically the dial can always be displayed. We can choose one of the built-in 8 dials to match them with typically the digital time. In addition , the new generation of smart see series has more customized functions, which can be viewed through sliding up, down, left and right respectively. This timepiece is equipped with an all-weather battery and has four energy-saving modes to reduce or improve the animation effect and also battery power utilization of the watch. Often the waterproof depth of the observe is 30 meters.
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