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Last Online: Oct 15, 2021 20:12:20
Throughout the last 39 years, the Nike Air Force 1 High hasnít been one to rest on its laurels. Ahead of winter, Bruce Kilgoreís iconic design has emerged in both fall-ready color palettes and non-standard suede and canvas construction. Clad in shades of brown and orange, the newly-surfaced pair promises more weather protection than the synthetic leather build most commonly found on the 1982 silhouette. Base layers are constructed from canvas, which is visible at the toe box and mid-foot. Profile swooshes, branded heel panels and the lockdown strap around the ankle all deviate from their muted surroundings in favor of vibrant citrus flair. Underfoot, the tallest Nike Air Force 1 trim reverts to a simple white midsole, brown outsole combination perfect for stomping around in the cold.
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