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Last Online: Feb 26, 2021 23:21:03
I know I ask a good deal of questions, but I am back again! I've just levelled to 70 defence; basically, my strategy is to level the three melee abilities to 70, then 75 before taking a rest. Att and Def are at 70 now, Str at 65. Now I am at 70 Def, there are more choices when it comes to armour. More specifically, I'm considering changing my entire body armour.

What I'm really asking is Barrows armour worth it for training? I am not the wealthiest (now got only about 1.2m) and it sounds a bit of a waste for me to keep repairing it when I don't PK or anything similar to that. Barrows armor is really good, nearly sure it weighs a lot less compared to granite, and some of it has fairly good ol' bonuses (not that you'd need that). For training, it's still fairly good, and fifteen hours is a good deal of experience. Definitely worth it if you can not manage Bandos immediately, because the initial ~1 mil and then another ~1 mil every fifteen hours is a pretty good price.

Just a little bit of research demonstrates that a body is 270k to fix at Bob. I dunno exactly how to calculate how many fixes you'd use (mainly because I haven't been feeling well now ) until you get to that from 270000 (or not, if you use POH armor stand), but it is a whole lot of lives.

I've about 7 RS Member Accounts I got as a gift from a different forum and I had been thinking to do a giveaway, but can it be permitted to giveaway RS accounts? If yes, in which board can I do it? I think it depends on precisely what you are planning to do. Can you give away an actual RuneScape account? No, that's account trading and believed RWT from Jagex's principles which we stick to
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